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VAPENLICENS! A great metal band you've never heard of.
Sweden, like many countries in and around the European continent, has a habit of producing interesting and awesome musical groups that most of us outside of there will never hear about.

Thanks to the internet, it's possible to find so many great artists. While watching the video series "Regular Ordinary Swedish Meal Time", I heard a rendition of the theme song done by a band named "Vapenlicens". I was intrigued, and looked for more information. This led me to find the "Halvfabrikat" ep. From there, I've made a point to acquire other releases.

The thing is, everything is in Swedish. This doesn't really divert from my enoyment, but I was wondering what the song titles, and to that, the name of the band, actually meant. I hit up 3 translating sites to see if I could figure out what I could, and here are the results:

Vapenlicens (Weapon License)

Translated Song Titles. (Thru Google Translate, Bing Translate, and

Album: Halvfabrikat (Half-built)

Görerå (Gore Crude)
Min Egen Gud (My Own God)
Raderad (Deleted)
Knullhål (>>Unable to translate<<)
Ångra Vad Du Gjort (Undo What You’ve Done)
Hatkatalysator (Hate Catalyst)
Social Krigsföring (Social Warfare)
Karnivora (Carnivore? >>Unable to Translate<<)
Dina Ord, Min Automatkarbin (Your Words, My [Automatic Carbine/Rifle])

Album: Hat 101 (Hate 101)       

Rakt Genom Tinningen (Right Through the Temple)
Försök Att Stoppa Mig (Try To Stop Me)
Ser Det Ut Som Jag Bryr Mig? (Does It Look Like I Care?)
Någonting Ruttet (Something Rotten)
Självdestruktiv (Self-Destructive)
Håll Käften Istället (Shut Up Instead [Google and came up with “Shut Instead”]
Din Jävla Mes (You Fucking [Mes])
Brottsplats: Ditt Ansikte (Crime Scene: Your Face)
Krig Mot Allmänheten (War Against the Public)
Straffknull (Penalty Fucking)
Knarkohol ([No Translation found, I’m guessing a mash of Narcotic and Alcohol])
Jag Måste Döda Dig (I [must/have to] Kill You)
Evig Bakfylla (Eternal Hangover)
Avtändningen (>>Unable to Translate<<)

Album: Bottenskrap (Last Scraps)

Periodaren (>>Unable to Translate<<)
Samma Skit (Same Shit)
Starta Gatuvåldet (Starting Street Violence [Starting a riot?] )
Bryta Dina Ben (Break Your Bones)
Allt Är Piss, Hela Tiden (Everything is Piss, All the Time)
Horan Blöder (Horan is Bleeding)
Du Mot Oss (You Against Us)
Förneka Allt (Deny Everything)
Inte En Chans (Not A Chance)
Välj En Död (Select One Death [Choose a Death])
Institutionaliserad (Institutionalised)
Sömn (Sleep)

If anyone can provide more accurate translations, I'd love it!

--Nerikull, metal fan!!

Dreamscape: "The Fursuit Of Happiness: A Musical"
The audience is seated, and the music starts. Happy and upbeat, leading into the opening (Happiness), where the chorus is milling about in a convention setting. They sing for a bit about general things that make them happy, until a familiar person in a labcoat take center stage and briefly addresses the audience: "I'm the convention chairman. I'm most happy when everything goes right..." music stops "....and when I have wine!" audience laughs, and the song continues as we see the main characters show up. Song ends, and we establish the scene and characters. A bit of banter leads to the next song (Unconventional Convention) which has two leads pointing out the awesomeness of this event, and how it's not quite like any other convention.

Next scene has some other key players talking about costume play and fursuiting, while some chorus members are suiting up in full sight, leading to a song about why cosplay is a good thing (Once a Year Is Not Enough). It's a huge dance number that gets the audience laughing. Next scene is a quick run of panels that one may see in a convention, focusing on one that is led by that familiar lab coat wearing person and a certain bald and bespectacled comedian (Rule 6-2-1 [Now Have Some Fun]). Our lead character sees a person that seems rather out of place, and asks someone about him, leading to a song about dealing with the press (No Means Yes). The reporter corners the lead and tries to get him into an interview, and only succeeds after convincing the lead (Trust Me). The published interview comes out, and it's nothing like what was said, leading to a dream sequence where our lead tries to defend himself (...And There Was Drama).

He laments this turn of events, saying how this feels again like when events in his early years forced him to grow up all too fast (Childhood A-go-go [Don't Go Away] *yes, the Dr Steel song*), and the act ends with him declaring that he will just quit this, despite his friends protests. (I'm Out).

Act 2 blurred a bit. I remember enough that the lead confronts the reporter and gets a song about how pulp press works (Blood in the Water), and the lead redeems himself to the fandom, and that the fandom comes back from this little incident as it usually does....then my cat woke me up before it all ended. ><

Wish I had stayed asleep.

Seriously, though..what the hell, brain?

Trying to write again.
So, I got the bug to write again. This time, it's a bit about my being a furry.
Non-fiction isn't really something I have tried to write. Lately, I have been thinking about the fandom, my own love of furry things, and my own fursona. That, and thinking of the verbal poke that Uncle Kage gave me at MFF 2012...all of which has gotten me to write up something.

I say something as it's not going to be a novel. It's going to be as long as it has to be for me to get my thoughts to paper...or to the computer, as things go these days

I'll post it in a few places when it's done. LJ, FA/dA or something. Where ever I'm able to blather on for more than a few hundred characters.

--Nerikull, writing tiger!

Happy New Year (2013)
So,'s been a weird-ass year.

I'm not going into everything, other than to say the first 10.5 months sucked, and not in the good way. From mid-November's been much better.

So, my wish for 2013 is for the good to continue, for me to post here more often, to keep contact with those I call friends, and to get serious about losing weight...and keeping to it!!

That said, from our family to yours, may 2013 be your best year ever....until the next best year ever!

Love you all!

Scott and Ralph.

Random Ramblings Part Eleventyblue (Part 2)
Yeah, yeah, I know I said I would have another update that day.

Gaming: So, World of Warcraft has a new expansion. Yes, I bought in, and am playing it. I was in the beta, so I did get to see the process as they put stuff in, broke it, fixed it, broke it again, watched the clueless whining masses that got in bitch endlessly about things not working, only to be gently reminded to STFU, it's the beta test. Now that it's live, I'm rather happy!
Of course, with the new expansion, it means there's that race to the top level again. It's been less than a week, and there are a frigging ton of level 90's already.


I guess I'm just weird for wanting to explore and see the world, rather than grind to the top level just to say "I'm up here! MUAHAH!" Hell, I no longer have the time or the drive to do that anymore.

Furry Stuff: So, there's around 6 weeks until Midwest Fur Fest. I'm more that excited this time, as I'm going to stay at the hotel this year, rather than drive back and forth from home. I mean, sure it's cheaper to drive to and from home, but given that I have to deal with a lot of crap like traffic, parking, and having my loving mate give me shit for staying out late, it was better to share the room cost with 2 nephews that want to go up for it. Besides, this will allow me to get to things that I normally miss, like the charity event and room gathering that I miss because I had to head home and stay sober.
....then again, I don't know if I'd go to a room gathering even while staying there, as I'm likely to sleep too early. Hey, I'm a greymuzzle, damnit.

So, ah....I can't think of anything else at the moment.

--Nerikull, bla bla bla.

Random Ramblings Part Eleventyblue (Part 1)
Politics: I'd like to point out a few things that President Obama has failed in.
  1. Being a Muslim. Wow, he really buggered that up! Beer and a Baconator? REALLY?
  2. Being the Anti-Christ. Sorry, Barack. You just aren't doing it right. I'm not seeing the persecution of the Christians out there. No mark on my forehead or hand. Nope, you failed that.
  3. Ushering in the invasion of Aliens/Lizardmen/Crabmen/Demons. Ok, I made that up, but you know some tinfoil-hatted whackjob thinks of these things!
  4. Turning the world homosexual. I haven't seen the Gay Marriage Police out there forcing people into same-gender unions.
  5. Destroying the military. Far as I see, we still have one!
I'm sure there are more things I could list, but I have more on my mind.

Movies: While I still like Netflix and Hulu, I really wish the movie companies weren't such greedy douchebags. I stated several entries ago that I like the "found footage" genre of horror/thriller films. I still haven't seen Paranormal Activity 3 yet. I know, sequel suck-itis may be the end result, but I still want to see it. Thing is, I don't see it online! I'm not at all happy about this!

In the theaters, there's only one movie that I'm really wanting to see. "Les Miserables". Please, PLEASE, let this not suck.

Music: Dear Janus, what is it about Australian metal bands that make them so odd? I've been listening to "Portal" a lot lately, mostly for the fact that they are just so...bizarre! The last time I got hooked by one of your oddball metal bands, it was "The Berzerker". Metal + Gabba = daaaaaamn!
"Portal", however, is steeped in the H.P. Lovecraft universe, and they play it well. Murky production that really doesn't detract from the atmosphere (IMO). It's a bit like Marmite, this band. You really can't go to middle ground with them. You like or not.

Part 2 to be posted later today.

--Nerikull, scatterbrained on a Sunday.

Breaking the silence
I can't believe that I've not updated in nearly 3 months.

Not that I've been too busy to post anything., Mostly, it's that I've not had a lot to yammer about. I've done my theater thing this summer (The Music Man! A classic, and a lot of fun), going to work, dealing with the insane heat that we had, and just getting thru life.

I think I said it in a p[revious posting about my spending more time in Facebook and Twitter. Facebook, for me, seems to be more a gaming hub for me. I go there or to to casual game. I do post from time to time, occasionally about something other than yet another picture of an adorable kitten, or a tiger.
Twitter is more of the stream-of-consciousness/spur of the moment thing. I like it for how info gets shot thru the net faster than many other websites. Of course, you still need to check several sources before taking anything "newsworthy' as true, because...well, the internet.

Oh, Janus? "Story of Ricky" is now streaming on Netflix. That is still one of the most awsome films out there.

Talking of Netflix, I seem to have gotten myself hooked into watching "Top Gear". Yes, yes, I know that Jeremy Clarson is a colossal git, but I love the show. Not only are many of the cars just incredible to see, if not to find out what flaws they have, but some of the'average' cars are interesting. Let's face it, it's amusing to see a feature on some seriously tiny euro-cars.


Oh, right. It's an election year. Much as I want to ramble on about just how unrealistically nasty this campaign has been, I'll hold off until I've had a bit more coffee.

--Nerikull, still lurking.

Touch of Grey - the Tiger is 43.
So, another year has passed.

43 isn't as much the milestone as other birthdays, but there are a few things that I've noted.
As the title suggests, I'm seeing the grey in my hair. Not so much on the head as it is on the face. I decided earlier in the year to grow out the 'stache and goatee. Well, I shouldn't have been surprise to see that I had, indeed, become a true greymuzzle.

Another thing came to mind. Back in the year 1987, I graduated from High School. 25 years. Holy crap, it's been 25 FRIGGIN' YEARS since I got that diploma and went into the world. A little tip to you younger kids: don't blink between the years 21-35. I think that's what happens to a lot of us. We blink and suddenly we are in our 30's. We blink again, and it's our 40's. Shit, I'm gonna glue my eyes open!! I'm not ready to hit 50 just yet.

Anyhoo, I'm going to enjoy the day, even if I'm going to be cleaning house. Hey, it's not as stressful as work.

--Nerikull, just a little grey in this tiger's fur.

REVIEW: "Pontypool"
With all the news outlets going on about that crazy thing in Miami, and every social media outlet screaming ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE, I decided to check out a movie...and ended up watching a movie that's much in line with zombie films.

I have noted that a lot of film in recent years take aspects of "zombie" films, but with the titular harbingers of doom being still alive, but infected in some form. This is such a film, but with a twist.
A bit about the movie here. Collapse )

Trying to not give away too much in this. It was a really good movie without resorting to the usual in your face gore that you usually see in 'zombie' films. I highly recommend it!


The long, strange road of blogging.
Just for the hell of it, I looked into my archive of LJ posts. I can't believe that I've been here since 2004. I know that there are many that have been in here longer than I, but it still blows my mind.

It's interesting to see what has changed since that first entry. I'm amazed at how much I actually posted back then. Of course, this was pretty much the only place I bothered to thrust my thought upon the internet for all (5 people) to read.

These days, Facebook and Twitter have been my outlets, with the old LJ as a standby for stuff that I just don't want to post anywhere else.

Is it still a relevant place anymore? I know that there are still a few friends that will see my postings here and occasionally comment. I find that I'm rather bad about coming here to just read and see who's still posting here in LJ.

I'm still going to post from time to time. I will get off my fluffy tiger butt and read the posts of others more, if only to let them know that I'm still alive and that I do think of them from time to time.


--Nerikull, arctic tiger in the shadows.


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